Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Letters of submission

There’s something about opening a letter, knowing that a Mistress’ hands had been touching it before you did. Something about breaking the seal and unfolding the letter inside. Every letter is laced with the smell of ink. And each word is crafted with her penmanship. The exchange of the traditional letter is just like taking a piece of the Mistress, and sending it straight to her slave. It’s personal—from her to you.

On the other hand, the common E-mail lacks personality. It takes no effort to send an E-mail with font that is pre-made. It’s monotone, almost robotic.

Where’s the built up tension of anticipating her mail to reach you? Imagine yourself waiting…and waiting for my letter to reach you. The suspense will leave you on the edge for days, pacing back and forth in your house, aching for the moment that my letter arrives. And when the letter eventually reaches you, reading it would be like a short moment of ecstasy. 

Welcome to my Distance Training. Each letter will be catered around your kinks, with instructions and tasks on how to please Me.

Each and ever letter is $50, Each letter must be in a self addressed envelope with a stamp, and must include your interests, experiences and what do you hope to gain from receiving a letter from me.

Professional Dominatrix, Alpha Female, Fetishist & Disciplinarian
NYC Professional Dominatrix