Follow these words like a slave on the end of my leash.

My words--your hunger,
My desire--your purpose,
My alluring glare will wrap you in my influence.

Who am I?

I am a Goddess of Rubber, who uses the pleasant smell of latex to drug and melt your mind. Your breath will tremble as you sink deeper...and deeper into a blissful trance. 

I am a Goddess of Bondage, who loves watching her victims caught in a spider's web, swallowed alive and consumed--like a snake wrapped around its prey as it slowly drains him.

But who are you?

I already know who you are. You're a puppet without its string, in need of a master. You need to be toyed with, manipulated, used, broken down and rebuilt in my image. That is why you exist.

You've searched long and hard. Look no further, slave.
Welcome to my Queens Lair, the lion's den, the jaws of the beast, the beehive, where I am the ruler of all.

Let me guide you into a heavenly province, that celestial realm where it is I who dictates your every move--every fiber of your being.

My aura radiates witchcraft that freezes your mind, and with just a mere whisper, you become anything that I desire.

I am a succubus in black rubber. And you are helpless to my every whim.

About Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
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Professional Dominatrix, Alpha Female, Fetishist & Disciplinarian
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